How to Prevent Landscape Grass from Spreading


Planning ornamental grass in your landscape is one of the most cost-effective methods of making your home beautiful. The grass is easy to maintain and you’ll not have too many issues with pests’ infestations.

Though you don’t require too much maintenance, there is a need to ensure that the grass does not spread all over. The following amazing tips will help in keeping your landscape grass from spreading:

Constrain the Roots

To prevent the roots from spreading, you can use pot bottom cuttings or cement drain tiles when planting. You will bury the pot bottom cutting or any material of your choice where you want to plant the grass.

Then, you’ll fill your pot with soil and then plant the grass at the center. It is important to ensure that the container has no perforations so that the roots remain confined.

After some years, you’ll need to subdivide the grass in each container to prevent the container from breaking.

Plant Your Grass in Raised Beds and Install Cement Walls Around it

To confine the grass to specific areas, you can create raised beds where you’ll plant the grasses and then build walls around it. You can ask the landscaper to design the wall in a way that it will make your landscape even more beautiful.

It will also be important to regularly mow the grass to ensure it remains in specific areas.

Use Broad-Spectrum Herbicides

Though most people use herbicides to kill weeds, you can also use broad-spectrum herbicides to inhibit unwanted growth of grass. It is important to note that the herbicide will kill everything it gets in touch with and you, therefore, need to be super careful.

Avoid spraying on windy days so you can have better control of the parts you want to get rid of the grass.

Use Torch Weed Killers

Another effective way of keeping grass growth in check is by using a torch week killer to kill any unwanted grass. You should ensure that you don’t use it too close to the grass or other plants you want to remain.


Regular weeding of your yard is also an effective, affordable, and cost-friendly way of keeping grass growth in check. Though it is hard work, you will have guaranteed results as you’ll have control over every move.

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to get your hands dirty, our landscaper is always ready to handle the task on your behalf. We’ll get to your home on time and ensure your grass is only confined in the right places.

Replace Your Current Grass with Bunchgrass

If you are tired of always having to work on your yard to control the spread of grass, you can choose to replace your existing grass with bunchgrass. Ryegrass, fine fescues, among others are among the grasses that will not spread to other places.

Layton Landscapers

This is a costly process but you can also do it gradually to save on the costs. For instance, you can plant a few bunchgrass seeds every time you top-seed your lawn. With time, the bunchgrass will overtake the existing grass and dominate your yard.

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