Best Travel Tips Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an expensive city that is bustling with crowds and traffic. However, don’t let that put you off from visiting. Adjacent to China but radically different, Hong Kong is a modern, bustling metropolis with lots of things to do. Despite its hectic scenario, Hong Kong offers old-world tranquility and charm and pockets of greenery if you care to look around. Here are 5 of the best things to do in Hong Kong:

Eat Dim Sum

Hong Kong is famous for its dim sum and to avoid a dim sum restaurant there would be like going to  If you want an authentic dim sum experience, one of the best places you can eat it is at the Star Seafood Floating Restaurant in the New Territories, in the Sha Tin district.

Here you will find a four-floor restaurant that is absolutely packed on the weekend, mostly with locals. We were the only foreigners when we visited.

In Australia, we go to the races to get drunk and party but in Hong Kong, they most certainly go to the races to place bets and gamble. Horse racing is very much part of Hong Kong culture and one of the best places to view it in action is at Happy Valley Racecourse. Here you will find horse parades, a racing museum, and a buzzing and busy atmosphere.

Visit the peak

The peak is literally a mountain peak overlooking Hong Kong. You can hike up the hill over the course of a couple of hours (best avoided in the middle of summer) or alternatively take a tram up the slope.

Choose a day to visit when it’s not too smoggy otherwise your views will be limited. Upon the peak there are a host of restaurants, so you can come here to relax and have lunch before you make your way back down again.

Eat-in a private kitchen

Private kitchens are popular in Hong Kong, mainly because they are cheaper than a regular restaurant and also because they let you bring your own booze. A private kitchen is an unlicensed restaurant that has opened in a private building. But don’t let that put you off – these restaurants look like any normal restaurant and the food quality is normally excellent.

One of our favorites is Le Marron which serves French food at its finest. Housed in the top of a rickety building, as soon you step through the ‘Private Members’ entrance you are transported back in time to 1920s Paris.

Most nights reservations are essential to guarantee you a table at this popular restaurant.

Get a foot massage

You will see hundreds of foot massage and reflexology parlors dotted all around Hong Kong and if you want a truly local experience, we’d recommend popping in to experience a relaxing time for yourself.

One of the best places to enjoy a foot massage is at Big Bucket in Causeway Bay where your massage therapist will dip your feet into a big bucket full of warm water and aromatherapy oils before completing your massage.

A one-hour session here costs about AUS$35 per person, which we’re told is good value in Hong Kong.

Any time is a great time to travel to Hong Kong, but autumn and winter are the most temperate.

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